Does a 2.0 gpa mean i'm dumb?

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no but thats not good

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I had a 1.0 in school dude im not dumb I just didnt do my work I don't know if the principle was being a sarcastic as.swipe but he used to say I was the smartest kid in school yeeeaaah

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it doesnt mean your dumb but that is really low... cause that what some colleges look in to so I suggest that you get your grades higher...

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It doesn't necessarily mean you are dumb, but I'm sure there is room for improvement. Just try your hardest and if that's your best, then great. :)

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no thats not good.

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No your not there are people who have a 4.0 and are dumb and there are people like us me and you who have low gpa's but are smart,if you got that gpa because of hw then nah don't worry about your smart and don't realize it

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I am in college and if you go below a 2.0 then they put you on academic probation.

That only means that your grades are not the best in the world.

You are not dumb, some people just have to work harder at making better grades than others.

I am one of them. I am a 3.5 and gosh it is so hard to keep it there.

But my daughter on the other hand never hardly opens a book and is a 4.0.

2.0 just means you need to work harder, that is all. Good luck to you!

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On a 4.00 Grading Scale (4.00 being an "A" 90-100; 1.00 being a "D" 60-69), which seems to be what a majority of US schools use, then you are at a "C". "C"s are generally labeled as being average. You are passing so you don't need to worry about it too much. Please note that when I say "average" I mean "average at school". There are plenty of people (as sueles_volver has already specified) that have bad to average grades in school but are extremely smart and clever in the adult world and vice-versa.

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I got a 1.82 on a 3.0 grade scale. What does that equal on a 4.0 scale?

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Man I got the same thing 2.0 and I scored like B,C, C and like damn with all the efforts I put through? Well its not that bad thought, just some minor adjustments.Hope next semester I'll pull up my socks to 3.5 GPA, how about that

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Well, a 2.0 doesn't neccessarily mean you're dumb...most likely you just didn't do the work or something...? But anyways, as has been said several times on this page, you might wanna pick it up, especially f you were aiming at a high-level college...

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