GPE and Kinetic energy

  1. Amusement park rides, water park rides, and rides in the local playground provide thrills while gravitational potential energy (GPE) and kinetic energy (KE) transform from one to the other. · Make a list of such rides and explain where in the ride the GPE and the KE are the greatest. · Where do the forces act in each ride providing the resistance that converts the total GPE and KE into heat?

This question is on my study guide for an upcoming science test next Monday and it’s got me very very confused.

Can you name at least 5 rides and help me to explain those questions? Appreciate it. (:

Answer #1

The GPE is going to be greatest at the highest point (right before a big drop on a roller coaster, when you pause at the top on swings, etc.). The KE is going to be greatest immediately after said drop, before any of the energy and speed is lost to friction, gravity, or other forces (at the bottom of a big drop on a roller coaster, the lowest point on a swing, etc.).

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