What do you think about goth?

What do think about the subculture?

Answer #1

It’s fine by me I’m really kinda girly but I was friends w/ a lot of true goths they are actually really nice and seek out help w/ problems in their life! Toatally cool!

Answer #2

A style that originated from Japan. It’s a way of style and music. Not all goths dress in black/dark clothing. I like goth, I especially like their lolita dresses. Really cute.

Answer #3

stupid? pointless? childish? I got more…:)

Answer #4

Goth is actually very simple. If you like gothic rock, you’re a goth.
Gothic rock: Bauhaus Siouxsie and the Banshees Sisters of Mercy etc.

Goth is not about corsets, it’s not about black, it’s not about fishnets.

Answer #5

I think it’s mostly teenagers trying to be different. We had the same sort subcultures back in my day. We just call the metalheads instead of goth. I don’t see anything wrong with it. But I will say this, if you’re over 20 years of age, and you’re still painting your face and wearing black fingernail polish. Then you probably have some serious issues, and you really haven’t grown up yet.

Answer #6

goth is… old churchs lolxz.

goth is… shopping at hot topic? :]

usually I associate goth with the way people dress. I have a bit of a problem with goths though. where I live, people become goth cause they think it’s bad ss to look scary and talk about satan and use the word fck at least three times a sentence. and that’s pretty retarded. it doesn’t bother me to see people in the whole goth get up, as long as people are doing it cause that’s the way they like to dress, and not the way they like to be seen.

I retain the belief that maybe not all goths are the same… still when I see the mob at school, screaming that they’re satan and they’re going to tear open some infant down the middle to devour their insides, … I lose my hope for humanity in general. :]

Answer #7

There’s a pretty long explanation of that. But before some one say Satin Worshippers or witches & such only 33% if the Gothic Subculture is part of the occult or practicies magick, probably half that are true practioners. 76% of the subculture is of some kind of bibical religoun. Think about that one before you post. Oh, & please do remember, Goths & Enos are 2 WAY diffrent things. & another thing, as for Goths wearing trip pants, a band T-shirt, & caked on make-up, might I remind you that’s METAL, not Goth at all. Now that I’ve told you a few things of what Goth isn’t, what do you think it is?

Answer #8

I dissagree almost completley with the vast majority of coments posted both on this site and others on peoples opinions about goths. I have NEVER heard of any goth “ tearing open some infant and devouring their insides “. That is a gross misunderstanding. Also, underwaterophelia, goth is way more than music. Sure, there is a genre of music called goth, and it is a part of goth, but it is not the whole thing! If you really want to know about goth, go to http://www.goth.net/goth.html.

Answer #9

goth, I like it theres nothing wrong with it before it was mainly old gothic buildings and things now its about wearing black its like a lot of other sub-cultures they hang out with people like them, go to different places and things there not evil but theres a lot of ridiculous “goth” things around today

Answer #10

its a cool/deep style

Answer #11

I think its a neat style and I definitely support anyone that gets involved with it.

Answer #12

Its cool… and stupid at the same time.

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