Got a virus Cant install anti-virus, malware, Lost recovery disk

Computer: Emachine Model Number: EL1200 OS: Windows Xp Problem: The screen kept going completely black, then it would pop up comand prompt, close it. Open it close it, and so on. Until it froze the whole system. I found out my mom has no anti-virus on it. I tried to install Malware, and Avast aslo Avg using a flashdisk cause the computer will no longer go online. I couldnt get Avast, or Avg. Malware would instal but close after 2seconds of scanning then it wouldnt open again. I tried it about 10 times. Safe mode wont work. Most applications automaticly close. Sometimes itll boot up okay, sometimes itll be a blue screen with my arrow. Sometime itll boot up to a blue screen my arrow, and the start bar.

Edit: I Tried the Avira Boot sector Repair. Now itll go to the log in.. when I try to log in it logs off right away.. Safe mode still wont work..

Answer #1

That virus that prevents anti-virus or even anti-virus websites from being open is the malevolent Sality virus. But Trend Micro’s website has this virus removal toolkit that you can use to remove this nasty virus. Kaspersky, AVG, and other anti-virus company has a certain removal tool for this one.

Answer #2

im very, very pc savvy and that makes no sence 2 me :S

if you can, back up all your images and files on cd/dvd and reinstall windows

emachines give you a reinsatll disk so no probs

as soon as you back up::: download firefox, disable access to internet explorer and download AVG9: the paid for version is better ;)

Answer #3

I dont think this emachine gave me a reinstall disk for windows.. I was using firefox when it happened… And I definitly plan on getting an anti-virus.. haha..

Answer #4

from the EL1200 page on

Telephone Technical Support Customer Care representatives are available 5 am to 12 midnight (PST) seven days a week.

United States866-586-2237 Canada866-598-2237 *Long distance charges may apply, depending on your calling area.

Answer #5

you have done everything I know how to do except discharge a firearm in its general direction

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