What are you afraid of or what is your greatest fear?

Answer #1

my would be needles or anythng sharp piecing my body…I gave blood during my senior year to do a nice thing…my friends laughed at how scared I was…I would be the worst druggy ever…I’d cry every time the needle would get near my skin

Answer #2

being cheated on by my boyfriend…yep,thats def it!


Answer #3

I am really scared of the dark! my brother likes 2 shut them off on me when I am downstairs and I totally freak out!!!

Answer #4

the one thing I fear is if we had another bush for president. God forbid

Answer #5

ummm. I would say that I am afraid of micheal jackson and prince singing. it spooks me.

Answer #6

Im so freaking scared of spiders haha And I hate being off the ground!! It freaks me out!!!

Answer #7

heights. sometimes I get scared when I think about when I die. deep deep water.

Answer #8

spiders , I don’t know why but they creep me out

Answer #9

getting pregnant before I get married.

loosing someone I love.

getting gang raped.

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