Has anyone seen 1408?

has anyone on here seen the film 1408

Answer #1

Great movie.

Answer #2

Loved this film. The crazed yet creative mind of Stephen King exploded all over the screen. John Cusack did an amazing job portraying a desperate and terrified character. I feel that some people did not like it because it lacks explosions and forces you to have an imagination.

Answer #3

Yes, it was good (but not great), but the end confuses most people. Worth a look if you’re curious about it, there are some really good bits in it too.

Answer #4

I havent even heard of it. Whats it about?

Answer #5

Yes…its alright I guess.

Answer #6

No, I wodner if its really good

Answer #7

yup, I liked it

Answer #8

I saw it and it’s not that much good.

Answer #9

Yep sure have. I liked it but not enough 2 watch it again.

Answer #10

Its great, very suspenseful. John Cusak carried the whole film really well.

Answer #11

It was a cinematic thrill ride. I enjoyed the subtle hints of Dante’s Inferno. (The main character going through all 7 levels of hell before the end.)

Answer #12

I saw it twice and got confused throughout the whole movie. Jim Carey has had much better movies.

Answer #13

Yeah it was good. I would watch it again.

Answer #14

that movie freaked me the hell out. just the thought being trapped like that gives me goosebumps because I get nightmares like that pretty often that I can’t wake up from, no matter how hard I try, till the very end and they scare the s*it out of me…not litterally but you know what I mean. he’s smart though! I liked the end

Answer #15

watched it a while back.but it hasnt stuck with me for long…guess thats a general opinion…it wasn’t epic like some other movies…but it was well made..although the ending was a bit (something??)..I cant recall what I dint like about the ending but all I know is that I dint like the ending after I finshed watching it…and thats the only memory I have of it… that I dint like the ending and it was good at the time

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