What would be a good vacation to take with a two year old and while pregnant?

My mother won 3,000 at work for an award and shes determined to take us all on vacation. Noahs only two though so theres not alot he can do nor will he remember it. She wanted to go to disney world but thats hardly any fun since im pregnant and cant ride anything. Its also too chilly for the beach. If it helps…were from Louisiana.

Answer #1

global wildlife center

Answer #2

I don’t think you need to travel a lot as you are pregnant and over that you also have 2 yaerl old kid which doesn’t allow you to travel to cool places and so the best outing might be to visit national parks around where you can spend some time away from your home

Answer #3

My mom used to take us to Hot Springs, Ak. It’s kind of a small town, but it’s quirky, kid-friendly and safe. We used to stay in this one hotel with a great balcony view over the town. I don’t know how you could manage a crazy, fast-paced trip while you’re pregnant and have a kid. I mean you could, but would it really be a vacation if you spend the whole time running around and worrying? Go somewhere relaxing that’s not a beach.

Answer #4

Might want to visit Manhattan? :)

There’s broadway shows, plays, museums, Central Park, and it’s just all around beautiful! It’s great to just walk around and you’ll find something new in every street and it’s just spectacular, especially at night; it’s a whole other world at night!

Better pick NYC or you’ll hurt my feelings :P

Answer #5

The San Diego Zoo is incredible.

Answer #6

Maybe the aquarium. There’s one in Georgia and Tennessee.

Answer #7

Plus, you probably don’t want to walk too much, being pregnant, and the city has horse, bicycle, and person-pulled carriage things :D

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