What are some good party games for about 15-20 teens at partay?

Answer #1

PLEASE we are out in the country and have no ideas

Answer #2

Sexy truth or dare lol

Answer #3

Truth or dare. Competitions. Beer pong. Wrestling in mud/ water. Make your own games. Etc. :) tell me if that helps

Answer #4

I’d definitely have to agree. All of those are decent suggestions.

Answer #5

O and dancing is always an option. The only requirements are people and music that someone can dance to.

Answer #6

you can play 10 fingers :) everyone holds up 10 fingers then someone will say “never have i ever….” and then they will say something like “gotten a piercing” and the people that have gotten a piercing, put down one finger. the point of the game is to get as many people out as u can. the person with the most fingers up at the end of the game wins :)

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Answer #8

spin the bottle…truth or dare……….7 minutes in heaven

Answer #9

thats sounds fun, i think i will use that lol

Answer #10

my friends and i play red rover all the time, its really fun because were bigger now so it gets really intense and fun :]]

Answer #11

well if your like 15, we really like volleyball for some reason lol. maybe cornhole, hillbilly golf, apples to apples, card games? (speed, garbage) hide n seek at night may be fun if its a big enough place. swimmimg if its available. :) you could do a minute to win it party like the tv show :) you could google it if ya dont know what it is all the games are online for minute to win it.

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Answer #13

thanx helped a lot

Answer #14


Answer #15

Thanx so much helped a lot!

Answer #16

no problem:)

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