Good or Bad news ?

Would you say this would be good or bad news if this were to take place :

Billionaire financier and political activist George Soros advised a major European Union policy group this week that the EU should scrap its plan to form a constitution and, instead, embrace his vision for a “global open society”.

Answer #1

Thank you sir, I am a well meaning proud American who cares deeply for his country….you can rest assured prior to pushing ‘send’ to any question or answer, I ensure it’s factual….the above were Mr Soros words, I simply asked…good thing or bad thing ?….in another post about Ms Pelosi, those too were her exact words….not made up, not mischaracterised….verbatum….in neither case did I offer my opinion, I simply asked a question in this question/answer forum….to me they are important questions for all of us to consider in these perilous times.

Answer #2

i would say no it doesnt sound good…but im not sur other people will have better advice!:)

Answer #3

I don’t quite know what you are referring to with the “globally open” part or if that is part of the gentlemen’s rep. If it is anarchy that is resulted from being globally open I would say I am against the idea.

Answer #4

Soros has probably the least amount of power of any billionaire in the U.S.. Yet he’s always a bogeyman to the right wing. So is “Michael Moore” and “Barbara Striesland” or “Move On” or the “Loony Left”.

Have any of the above people directed policy in this country? (answer no) Do any of the above people control congress or the federal gov? (answer no) Will any of the above people control the gov? (answer no) Do any of the above people influence the current gov? (answer no)


Do any of the above people have any power to change what happens in this country? (a resounding no).

So why are those people frequently mentioned? Because they’re a convenient scapegoat. A way to focus attention to a “bogeyman”. SImilarly to telling your kid that there’s a monster under the bed to keep him in line.

America is finely balanced between a number of constituencies, that every several years throw power back and forth between the parties. I’ve travelled the entire country and seen good and bad. Riches and poverty. Have friends on both extremes of the political spectrum and a good number in the middle too.

No one in congress or the white house wants to hurt America. As far as I know, everyone from the president on down to Nancy Pelosi in the middle, and the freshest freshman of congress wants to “do good” for the country. Its just that everyone has a different method of getting there.

No one I hear about in a position of leadership wants an America that is bankrupt, poor or destroyed. Everyone on the hill and in the white house wants America to be safe and prosperous and be at peace with its neighbors.

So to be honest “amblessed”, I think you should cut out the doom and gloom political posts. In some respects, they draw commentary, but you are a well meaning American and you know what… so is Nancy Pelosi.

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