Why is gold considered precious?

just a random question: why is gold such a precious metal?, is there anything more valuable than gold?

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I think cooper has more value?
I'm not sure.
It's precious simply because it gets you lots of money. & we all now money perty darn precious.

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Gold is inflating, Silver also. Platinum used to be worth alot more than gold. Gold is so valuable because it is shiny, dense, incredibly malleable/ductile, uncommon, an excellent conductor of electricity, and resistant to oxidation and most acids.
Gold is used in visors and heat shields, because of its density and resistance to various forms of radiation. It can be hammered incredibly thin, transparent in fact.
The amount of gold mined by humanity throughout history, is estimated to be a cube roughly 61 feet in dimension.

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gold is worth far more than copper, only because copper is so much more common. Although slightly harder, copper (like silver) is actually quite similar to gold.

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bleh, more like 67 ft.

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gold is precious because (well in my opinion) its really shiny, and its a natural resource or smth...it has alot of uses and it is one of the most important parts of a religious pray time for hindus and maybe other religions too...

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