God Healed my Ankle

About 6 weeks ago, I was playing basketball and I rolled my ankle. And now, its no longer swollen and I can walk just fine! Anyone else have any stories like these?

Answer #1

Amen !!

Answer #2

I’m sorry to those who answered this question seriously.

I was being extremely sarcastic in my statement.

Some people caught onto the fact that things eventually heal over time because that is just what the body does.

6-8 Weeks is normal time for a bone to heal.

Answer #3

when I was about four I was rollaskating and grabbed a bamboo stick for support, I accidentally fell over and stuck it in my eye, it was really bad…we prayed and prayed that I wouldnt go blind and soon enough, I had the best eyesight in my family :)

Answer #4

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, natural healing processes, and advanced medical training might have had just a teensey bit to do with it?

Answer #5

alright, it’s not like you were in ‘Nam or anything and your ankle was shot to death. 6 weeks is normal healing time

Answer #6

And where is the proof that some god had anything to do with either of these things?

Answer #7

ya my grandpa coted blue (died) for 10 minutes, and after 3-5, they are usually considered totally dead. but teh doctors just kept doing CPR on him for 10 minutes, and he lived :)

Answer #8

I fell for that one hook line and sinker.

Answer #9

Phew… I thought we had another one to contend with.

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