Glandular fever

I have Glandular fever does anyone know how I can get rid of it or atleast help the pain and nausia ???

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Glandular fever is a viral disease that affects certain blood cells. When a person has glandular fever, there is an increase of mononuclear cells (white blood cells).

Glandular fever is also called mononucleosis and the kissing disease(drinking from cups or just being breathed on).
DO NOT DO ANY TYPE OF SPORTS OR EXERCISES!!!(MAJOR CONSEQUENCES COULD CAUSE DEATH!)The spleen, an organ tucked in under the ribs on the left side at the back, is sometimes enlarged in glandular fever. A rare complication is for the spleen to get very swollen and to rupture. No joke...My sister had it...lack of energy, may feel weak...take it easy and don't breath on people... It will cause your Mono is very regular in schools(it spreads)...RELAX Everything will be fine...Hope I helped Take advil or regular pain relievers NOT TYLNOL(If You do the herb it
should help also):-)

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