How can i give my sister an enema?

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How old is she and what reason do you have for doing so?

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shes 10. shes constipated and asked me to help her

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You really should have your mother take care of improperly used enema can hurt her, and obviously, you don't know how to use one...even with our instruction, it's risky

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why dont you try giving her some prune juice or something?

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i did and it didnt work

sister hit her head on ice. now she feels dazy.
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What about chocolate ex lax? That's if u can get some, it works everytime for my kids, hope that helps

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Well you put the enema on ur tounge and then use ur tounge to shove it up her anus.

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miralax ... twice a day for 2 weeks you can get it at any drug store or even grocery store for like 7-15 dollars

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Constipation is not going to get fixed within an hour or two. You should let an adult administer the enema on her, but really I think feed her some veggies for a day or two, prunes, pears, carrots etc and wait till it gets better. I found that enemas just irritates your body and can make constipation worse.

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