Could someone give me some information on the muslum religion?

Answer #1

ya. what do you wanna know??

Answer #2

ya. what do you wanna know??

Answer #3

what do they beleive in? What do they do for worship?

Answer #4

i know one girl that’s muslim… she can’t date until age 16 and has to go to church every morning (including school days) at 6 am. muslims accept Jesus (in the Quran he is called Isa, PBUH) was the son of Mary, and was born to a virgin. but they believe in one “Allah” (god). and muslims believe Allah is one, eternal, creator, and sovereign.

Answer #5

Muslims are part of the religion Islam. They believe in Allah, thats the name for their god. They have a great prophet, Mohammed, and I think they pray to him. They believe in Jesus, but only that He was a really good person, and a prophet, but not as great as Mohammed. They pray 5 times a day, facing Mecca. They are required to take at least one trip during their life to Mecca, their holy city. They have 7 pillars of their faith (cant remember what they are right now, sorry :-\ ). Hope I helped with what I had to say :p

Answer #6

Muslims believe in Allah what u say God,they worship to Allah five times a day facing the west,the name of their prophet is Muhammad (pbuh) who brought the messages of Allah to men just like Jesus did.they believe in Jesus…son of virgin Marry but they do not consider anyone as the son of God neither Muhammad (pbuh) nor Jesus.They believe Jesus came before Muhammad and by the order of Allah/God the religion Jesus preached was updated to certain extent.They believe all the prophets were great men and respect them a lot but they do not worship them.their holy place is Makka in Saudi Arabia where they have to go at least once in a life time (if they have enough financial support).their pillars are faith in Allah and Muhammad (pbuh) and all other prophets,praying to Allah,fasting for 1month in a year with the name of Allah to feel the pain of poor people,pilgrimage to their holy place,and donating to poor people every year equivalent to the value of certain percentage to the wealth they possess for 1year.they should behave well with everyone of every age/religion/nation/etc and and they are punished for their bad deeds in the hell and rewarded for the good in the heaven.and…..what more do u want to know? :P

Answer #7

i hope i helped a bit :P

Answer #8

r u muzlim??\

Answer #9

They do not pray to Mohammed. And there’s 5 pillars. And it isnt about ‘greatness’ as far as prophets go. The rest was quite accurate.

Answer #10

Sorry, I learned about it in youth, and thought I had it right. Guess I didnt have quite all my info right :\

Answer #11

Pleasantly surprised at the overall accuracy, so no big deal :)

Answer #12

Thanks (:

Answer #13

Muslims do not pray to Mohammed, they pray to Allah (God). One of their laws, it comes for the 10 Commandments, forbids praying to or worshiping a man, deity, or object.

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