Can anyone give me information on the fujifilm s2950 or s2940?

I have it & it's seriously ticking me off with the picture quality. I dunno if i'm doing it wrong or something but I even called a camera store & they said that the camera should have great quality, they come out so fuzzy & bad quality to me, heres an example of pictures I've taken. My old one is the kodak which I miss & the new one is the fuji.

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if this pic shows up, thats the diffirence.

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That is a really good Megazoom you got. So either there is something wrong with the firmware or possibly your settings not set correctly. What is your ISO. Don't set it to automatic. If you set it to automatic it will make your pictures noisy and grainy looking. Set your ISO to the lowest number you can. But remember that if the number is too low, like, below 100 and you are taking pictures inside or very dark then your pictures will be really dark. What is your setting for megapixels? You need to set that one manually also to the highest number to at least 6 megapixels or more. Don't trust the automatic setting. Another big one is your shutter speed. The camera will notice how much dark or overcast it is and will slow your shutter speed so the picture will not be dark. If your shutter speed is below 125 or if you have it on automatic then they will also turn blurry. Was the camera brand new or used? If you purchased the camera used then possibly the camera had some internal condensation and the internal glass could be blurry.

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On these cameras and many Megazooms, the ISO over 400 will turn blurry. You will need the ISO below 200 and then raise the exposure manually if the camera allows it to do that. But the lowest the ISO the lowest your shutter speed will have to be, and if your shutter speed gets below 125 then the only way for the pictures not to look blurry is with at tripod or holding the camera as steady as possible. If you want things not to be as complicated then the most important thing is the ISO. Set it manually to 200 if dark and 100 or below on sunny days. Then set the rest on automatic and see what happens.

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