How do you give cpr or the heimlich maneuver to one who is pregnant?

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Someone who is trained in CPR will know exactly what to do in this situation.
Someone who is not trained in CPR should not attempt to aid a pregnant woman with CPR, or the Heimlich maneuver.

If you wish to learn how to aid a pregnant woman in CPR, and the Heimlich should take classes, and be trained in this particular area.

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for CPR:
the normal is putting your hand in themiddle of the abdomen just above the navel, well below the tip of their breastbone. if they are obese or pregnant, place the heel of your hand in the middle of the victim's breastbone instead.. everything else is the same

Using the standard Heimlich Maneuver can harm a fetus even in early stages of pregnancy, when the woman doesn't appear to be pregnant.

Position yourself behind the choking woman.
Lean the victim forward slightly and tilt her head downward, allowing gravity to help you dislodge the stuck food.
Wrap your arms around the victim with your arms under her armpits.
Make a fist with one hand.
Place your fist with the thumb against the center of the victim's breastbone.
Cover your fist with your other hand.
Apply chest thrusts against the center of the woman's breastbone. Chest thrusts should be firm and move inward and downwards.

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If you know that that person is pregnant, the Heimlich maneuver is not the best course to take. wait till they go unconcious and ease them to the floor. the do chest thrusts. and of course if your alone take the time to call 911, if someone can do this for you even better. as in any case a course for these will help you to better understand what you can do in an emergency. Also i would check to see if the Good Samaratans Act is in your area, heavens knows we do not want to be sued.

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By learning CPR, etc. in a certified course... and 'owlhumper' you have pretty much got things backwards. The heart is located at about mid-sternum, check out the AHA site for the latest.

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I took CPR classes and never learned how to do the heimlich maneuver on pregnant women oddly enough.

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ya when i got certified i didnt learn either they taught infants and children but not obese or pregnant

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Well, perhaps you could ask them when you are taking the class. I'm sure they would tell you, since they know best about this particular thing.

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