Does his mean my hymen is torn?

Umm… can anyone please try lying down on your back, bring your legs in, bend your kness then spread them apart? how do you feel at your private part? is it supposed to feel a slight spreading feel down there? or is my hymen torn?! T_T

Answer #1

No that will not cause your hymen to tear..The feeling you’re describing… do you mean that when you open your legs your vagina lips open as well? If so then yes that is normal

Answer #2

Even if your hymen is torn, it’s not a big deal really. You’re still a virgin. But yeah, it’s normal to feel your vaginal lips spread when you do that like saucybaby said.

Answer #3

when you mean vaginal lips, do you mean labia majora or minora?

Answer #4

It can be both or either.

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