Girls only ways to make my breast grow faster?

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Well actually I am quite small im about 34a really small I know... but green veggies and lots of protein will help, try protein bars they will help build your tissue, and drink lots of milk and eat lots of vegetables, preferably brocley and all the green veggies, and soy milk, soy milk is known as "SO GOOD" and it has pretty much every thing in it, and just 130 calories per 1 glass serving! please dont over eat to increase your breast size because its not healthy and plus you will spend more money trying 2 buy jeans that fit!!

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well to actually make them grow you would have to suck them and drink milk because when you have babies, all the milk they are drinking its all the milk you ever drank and sucking them will kind of pull em out x

How do I make my breast grow
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You're still young. you're boobs will grow when it's supposed to grow.

You can't make it grow any faster. you'll just have to wait it out.

How to make breasts grow?
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There is really no way to make you boobs grow faster...
At your age you shouldn't be worry about you boobs growing faster anyway...
But your young enough that your boobs are most likely still growing, you just have to let them grow at there own rate, and don't worry about it so much...

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