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why do girls feel the need to try this

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so this girl i went to high school with is about 22 23 between there . anyway she msg me on Facebook asking if we can talk ? i said sure whats up? her feedback was are you mad at me cause Dennis(my boyfriend) told me not to talk to you. i ask why? she gos we dated last year and he wanted to have sex with me so i broke up with him. well i don't beleave everything i here . so i ask for prof she said the cumputer won't let her copy it. now i know thats a lie. anyway i ask when did you date? she said apirl 5 and she also said they broke up around oct. mind you he was with me last year and doesint even have her number nor her Facebook. so how do i tell her i know she lying about this? . do i just say hey i kinda feel like your being stalkers and i know your lying ?