What can i do when my girlfriend is sleeping with her best friend?

I bought my girlfriend and vibrator about 1month ago. I'm gone during the weekdays and I only can see her on the weekends. So I figurged it was the thing to do to keep her busy. However for the past week and a half she has being using it with her best friend. They have sex with each other and "take turns on each other". I'm wondering what should I do cause I love her and don't want to hurt her.

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First, be glad that she is open and honest enough to tell you how she is enjoying your gift. Second, be glad that it is with a gal and not geting off with a guy. When you give someone a gift it should be without strings attached, but I can see that this has blind sided you. You may need to re-think how important your relationship is and act accordingly. Good Luck

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