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My girlfriend's best friend that is a guy is a problem.

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My girlfriend and I are in high school. Her best friend that is a guy is always around. It makes me so angry. In the mornings at her locker, hes there. At lunch, hes there. At the end of the day, hes there. When i say to her that i don't like him around that much. She says that they have been best friends sense the beginning of middle school. He rides her bus and has her lunch as well. But I hate it, i get mad and then we argue. In my opinion when you're in a relationship you shouldn't hang around people of the opposite sex. I mean just a little bit isn't bad, but he is always there. And if they hung out outside of school i would freak out. Her opinion is obviously different from mine. He hasn't given me a reason to not trust him yet, but I'm just a protective, territorial boyfriend. I love her with all my heart and I honestly don't think she would ever do anything like cheat or anything to hurt me. But i wake up every morning stressed and worried about if she will leave me for him. I feel like hes better than me because hes around more during school. I don't have any classes or anything with her during school so I only see her during the morning and at her house. But she says hes just a good friend to her. But the other day we got into a bad argument about it, and i explained to her how bad this problem effects me. And she said next semester when we switch classes, she would stay away from him more and hang around with me more because this semester she can't really help it. Well I'm done explaining the problem, I hope i can get some help. Thank you.