What if this girl is too tight?

hey dudes and gals I've been out with this girl for a while and I ended up fingering here (trying to) but she is WAY to tight tigher than any girl I've fingerd before and I know I've fingerd girls that havent been fingerd before but I have never had a girl this tight cant even get 1 finger up.. she is turnd on and wet so I ended up staying on the outside which she liked and oged off... see the only resen im asking this here is she wants s*x and soon but id rather loosen here up first because a co*k would rather kill here and me and may not even be possible to get up... any advide

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hey thanks for the advice lol its a bit messed up asking for it when 99 outa a 100 im giving it to my m8ts but thanks i think i dildo is outa the question she aint like that more of one of those ppl that drag u behind a tree and don't let you unbutton here =/ but i still cant get over how tight she was more like little finger job nd that would just fit..

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Maybe you could introduce a vibrator? You get them in all sorts of sizes small and big, thick and thin. I would start off with a thin-ish one.. maybe a clitorius vibrator which would fit up her nicely if she is really tight... use lube to make it EXTRA wet and slippery. let her hold your hand when you penetrate her with it so when she squeezes it (she can't help it if she does...its her pain receptors) just let it out a bit, and when she is ready, do it again BUT always do it slow and wriggle it around... do it often, maybe 3 or 4 times a week to get the muscles to loosen up. Then maybe try a finger after a while and if the finger fits, try 2... this may be too tight for 2 so purchase another dildo maybe... a size bigger but not as big as a d*ick. again loosen it like you did before or just use the old one but go faster and more widely. Gradually you will be able to have s*x with her. Just put your penis on her vagina with lots of lube... and a condom if you wish...better if you do.. its slippery! and just fall heavy on her SLOWLY as it goes in... it will hurt her... if she is a virgin then yes it will hurt for a bit and bleed... she may tell you to take it out quickly... do it!

good luck

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Try what smexii_loz said or you could always put of the suggestion of her fingering herself in her alone time to loosen up for you.

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hey, where the hell are you supposed to get a dildo from lol unless your 18 and can go into a s*x shop and purchase one ! i dont mean to be rude to those ppl but its true lol ! to loosen her up just make sure she is really wet and finger her regually use one then as it loosens use two and so on... but also make sure she is not tensing her muscels when you do this she can do it by accident gettin scared or excitted can do it without even noticing. and if you need to use lube when you finger her. well at least you were getting her off lol so she must of really enjoyed it anyways good luck and i hope my advice helped =D byeee

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she's probably not relaxed.
finger her very gently and calmly.
if she doenst like that then let her do things to you.
im to tight,so my boyfriend fingers me all the time and I suck his dick.then after while I got loosened up and then it was all good.any I used a dildo for awhile.any more questions,just ask me (:

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shes probs not relaxed

if you don't want to finger her then let her do things to u

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