What if my girl too tight?

So my girl is virgin 1 finger fits But damn she tight Being asian I thought I would fit But no since my d!ck is like width of 4 middle fingers My friend say force it in She really wants me in her And well, I dont wanna hurt her or anything How?

Answer #1

Use lube. Or stretch her out with your fingers. Take your index finger and thumb and put their tips together with a space In the rest, so your fingers look like an egg, than insert that in her and open the tips of your fingers to stretch her out, right before sex.

Answer #2

First make sure she is aroused. You work very slowly with fingers (lube also helps) to loosen it up. So only one finger the first few times, then two fingers a couple of times, etc etc… Sometimes it helps to use like an intermediate sized sex toy with lube. Do not force it in, thank you. Making it a highly unpleasant experience is not going to make her very eager to try again. And it’s still probably going to hurt the first few times. So a little patience.

Answer #3

okayy girls can be tight!! but I dont think too tightt. just I mean use one finger but then force two fingers at least force to fingers and finger her for awhile thenn tryy. yeah at first its going to hurt like hell if shes rele ree tight, because me and my boyfriend had this problemmm. but he just MADDE two fingers go in then went for three but wouldnt work so he just forced it in. but yeahh, hope I helpedd. and if not, sorry/: but this worked for me and my boyfriendd. have fun;)

Answer #4

thanks guys/girls I will try next time :D

Answer #5

try going slow work yourself up to your dick size

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