Girl masterbation

What is the most best way for a girl to masterbate

Answer #1

I like to use my fingers, but ice works really well too!

Answer #2

if your younger or arent comfortable with penetrating deeply,get an electric toothbrush (i use a crest spinbrush pro) take the top part off, get a Q-tip and bend it a little higher than halfway.stick the cotton part on the little metal thing that makes the toothbrush vibrate and just kinda “insert” it vertically right were your clit/pussy is… feels amazing and creates THE BEST orgasm

Answer #3

If you’re like me, I can’t get off just with my fingers. Get a small bullet style vibrator or electric toothbrush and use it on your clit. You will have plenty of fun with that and never need a man! If you don’t feel comfortable buying one, then try stimulating your clit either with your fingers by flicking it or letting a really strong stream of water hit it when your in the bath or shower. That should get you started. Once you start exploring you will find out what works best for you. If you are the type who teases, start of massaging your breasts, if you want you can even suck/lick your nipples. Keep one hand massaging your breast and move the other down to your thigh, close to your vagina. You may really want to touch your clit… DON’T. It may ruin your whole masterbating session. Start touching between your poophole and your pussy, don’t rub your pussy/clit! When you are about to go nuts, you can lightly trace your pussy lips and clit, which will make you want to burst. Ok, now you can let yourself go. Rub your clit, start off easy, then get faster, and faster. this feels so good! Now you can get out your vibrator or toothbrush… DON’T finger your vagina. Put the toothbrush or vibrator to your clit, and turn it on. THIS FEELS AMAZING, and creates the best ever orgasm. You can finger yourself, put your vibrator/toothbrush handle up your pussy, and have and orgasm! Hope this helped!

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