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gifts for a girl turning 14?

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I'm turning 14 this year, and I don't know what I want. I have a cell-phone, lap-top, digital camera, flat screen T.V., three iPod nano chromatics, a Zune, all the skinny jeans I can fit in my closet, designer shoes/dresses/purses/swimsuits/clothing, and everything I want for now. But, my parents insist on getting me something more! I have no idea what to ask for. Money is never an issue, my family owns our own private buisness and pool. All I asked for was for me and a few friends to go on a shopping spree in Cali alone then New York (which they happily bought me and my friends plane tickets for) but that's all I could think of. They want me to have more! Any ideas on what I should ask for?