Me and my gf had protected sex a week before her period now shes late can sex make it late shes 15 im 16

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She could be pregnant. Any time you have sex there is a possibility of pregnancy. Have her take a test two weeks after you guys had sex.

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Yes ... if she gets pregnant.

First of all, you should be aware that no birth control method is 100% effective. If you have sex, even with protection, you are risking the possibility of pregnancy.

Secondly, at the age of 15, it's not uncommon for a girl's period to be irregular.

If you have a concern, have her take a pregnancy test. You should be able to get accurate results by the third week after having sex.

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sometimes she says her period misses a couple weeks she doesnt have ny of the symoptoms of being pregnant ...... and i didnt even ejackulate ....... at all it was just pre not even alot im i just fraking out over nothing cuz this isnt th efirt time we have had sex we used a condom last time to and her period never even came the month ... so if her period is irregular how can i be so sure she is if she misses her period sometimes

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You need to take a test.

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It doesn't matter if you didn't ejaculate, pre cvm will get her pregnant. If she doesn't want to be irregular anymore and she wants to be even further protected from pregnancy, tell her to go to a doctor to get on birth control.

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Reality check. IF SHE / YOU used protection PROPERLY there is very little chance that she is pregnant.
At her age, periods are highly erratic. Just stressing out over possible pregnancy can also make it erratic.
She can get a home pregnancy test to assure herself, go to her own doctor, or (depending on your local state laws) she can go to a clinic like Planned Parenthood to get herself checked out. She might need a parent to get hormonal birth control since she is 15. The BC question could probably be answered over the phone with a clinic if she wants to keep it confidential.
And as far to YOUR freaking out ... SHE might be worse, even if she isn't telling you.
Maybe it is time to back up a bit on what you two are doing. There are other ways to please each other. And lots of things to do besides s3x. Especially if you care for her.
I'm not trying to be a spoiler, but considering that an unexpected baby at your age is a TOTAL game changer ..... it might be time to cool it for a while.

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