Does sex before your period make it come late?

Okay, I had protected sex, and he didn't even ejackulate. But We had sex, a day before my period was supossed to start.. & it didn't start? Does having sex the day before you start, throw it off a couple days or should I be worried?

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not by much..maybe 2 or more days- its nothing you have to worry about unless you completely miss your period.

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don't worry...your period can be off by like 5 days and still b normal

plus..the whole sex thing has probably got you all paranoid so just relax ..everythings ok!

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Actually, intercourse near the start of your period CAN throw off your cycle...

can you get pregnant while having sex on your period
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I stared.

like a couple days ago,
& its ganna be a full period.

but thanks anyhow.

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dont worry I had protected sex before my period and I was two weeks late, I thought I was pregg but sometime its just the case of being late

How late can your period be?
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You should probaly see a docter.

Should you have sex before you start your period?
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Im freaking out now too.. lol. Thanks you guys! haha I feel better. mmm day 1 >_<

Okat to have sex when your on your period ?
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okay, you're pregnant.
the condom broke and he noticed so he told you he didn't blow it in you.
you should probably go to a shmashmortion clinic and see a shmashmortionist.

Sex On Your Period
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it's called pregnant!
the condom broke and he noticed so he lied and told you he didn't blow it!
you better go see a shmashmortionist.

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My boyfriend and I had protected sex, and he even pulled out before he ejaculated. That was two weeks before I was due for my period. I was due Saturday the 1st. It is now Tuesday the 4th. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. Could I still be pregnant? Or does sex mess up your cycle? Please help me.

me and my gf had protected sex a week before her period now shes late can sex make it late shes 15 im 16
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Okay, so according to this article I found, your period is not considered late until 5 days after you were supposed to start and having sex would not be the cause of it (unless you were pregnant). But you had protected sex, so things should be okay and if you don't have a period within that time frame, you could always take a test... here is the website:

Good luck!

Why is my period super late
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I just went through the exact same thing. Had PROTECTED sex the day before I was supposed to start. And then I was freaking out because I didn't start. But I ended up starting 5 days later. I think it was a combo of sex rights before menstruation, which I've read can make you late, plus me being paranoid and stressed about being pregnant.

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On Jul. 6 me an my boy friend were making out and he wanted to have sex but I didn't really. So he put the tip of his ... In my ... and I felt a little pain so I told him to get stop because I wasn't ready. So he got off of me. but I wasn't bleeding or anything? so I think I'm still a virgin? could I be pregnant? cause I haven't started my period. But my period is irregular! I skip a month but one time I skipped two months? but my last period was may 25. and it's July now. And I have this white gooey stuff on my panties whenever I go to the bathroom. and my stomach has been cramping at the bottom a little bit not bad though. And my back has been hurting a little bit at tin bottom. I'm so sacred and worried about being pregnant! I don't know what to do please give me some advice asap!

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It's probably just hormones, I wouldn't worry about it until you are a week late, then I'd get a pregnancy test. Wish you the best and be safe.

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Throw it off how much?

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thats what im sayinggg! likee.. I started birth control one month ago.. and haven't had my period since two weeks before me starting the birth control.. So I havn't had my period in like a month and a half.. and me and my boyfriend started having sex two weeks after I started my bc. he's never came in me.. but we never use condoms either.

could I be pregnant ?

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Having sex the day before won't make your period be late. It is normal to be off by a few days. The more you stress and worry about it the later it will be.

However, it is possible that even with protection, you could still have gotten pregnant. It may ease your mind to take an at home pregnancy test. They are generally accurate within a few days after a missed period.

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