How do I get my girlfriend back?

My girlfriend just broke up with me. she’s the first girl that I ever started crying whenever they broke up with me. should I let her be or should I try to get her back, if so how do I do that? We live 45min away at 2 different schools, thats why she broke up with me. Thanks

Answer #1

thats a crappy reason for her to leave you my faince lives in GA and i am in CA just tell her how much she means to you and if she likes you still she will be ok with the distance its not hard not everthign is easy ihope it helps

Answer #2

You should just let her be. I really think you scared her off, by being so desperate about wanting to kiss her. Besides, you cant get someone back who broke up with you. When someone breaks up, it usually means they dont want to be with that person anymore! Long distant relationships are even harder when both parties are still very young. If its meant to be, you will find each other again, when the time is right, but for now you need to move on, and keep yourself occupied so your not constantly thinking about her!

Good Luck!

Answer #3

Listen to “All at once - The Fray” Quote the lyrics:

‘Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.’ She broke up with you, she may want you back, she may not. You need to just “Try” and over look it, I’m at a dead end here because right now the same thing happened. I started to love this girl after we broke up, she came back and asked if i loved her…I had to say no, but, I guess thats how it has to be. Enough about me, it’s about you. Anyways you should just let her be

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