Why did getting fingered make it hurt to pee?

I got fingered yesterday and I enjoyed it a lot (it was my first time) but when I got home I went to the washroom and it hurt to pee. I went for the second time and it still burned but I went the 3rd the time and it didn't hurt at all.. It has been a day and it doesn't hurt anymore when I go to pee, it doesn't hurt at all. Is this normal? Is it because I might be sore or dry? PLZZ answer .!

P.s does it have anything to do with my cherry( hymen) ????

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Yes this is all normal, your body is just experiencing something new and is getting used to it thats all. Just for precaution make sure the guys hands are clean when he touches you to prevent infection and passing bacteria.

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Yes, it's normal. Where did he finger you? If it was inside, then yeah your vagina isn't used to having things in it yet so it's protesting, haha. If you were dry, the friction would have chaffed it a little, making it sore and stingy when you pee. Don't worry, you will stretch with time and it won't sting anymore. Make sure you are lubricated whenever anything goes in there.

And yes, it is the hymen that's stinging (assuming you have one... Some girls wear theirs out with sports and stuff before they are fingered or have sex). So if you have yours, then it's making the entrance down there tighter, and a finger rubbing in and out of it would irritate it and make it sting when you pee.

Just lube up next time and make sure any fingers that go in there are WASHED or you may get an infection.

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