What are the chances that you will never wake up from a general anaesthesia?

When you have general anethesia... there is always that slight chance that you won't wake up again... and I was just wondering... what are the chances?

Also... is it possible to resist anasthesia... like to try to stay awake or is it impossible...?

And also... what does it feel like when you wake up?


- Jess

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When I was 18 I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and I was put under. I had decided to resist as long as I could. I remember thinking (like a stoned hippy) "Oh cool, everything's turning dark ..." and immediately after I was laying down on a bed covered with a light blanket, and immediately after that I was sitting on the end of the bed and the blanket was folded, then 2 seconds of being outside walking to the car (my Mom was driving) then - boom - I was sitting on the floor in Mom's living room half-way through a cup of soup. From then on my memory was 100%.
It is a bit like time travel.
My mother told me that I was walking and responding to questions, but wasn't as talkative as normal. She had no idea that I wasn't operating fully aware.

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If you don't wake up, it's because something went wrong with the surgery - not the anesthetic (unless, of course, you have some sort of allergy...)

You can't resist it - I've tried several times, although, some people claim to have been able to feel everything still...not in my experience.

You wake up feeling rather high.

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As far as I know the anaesthetic used for teeth surgeries is a local one, so you'll probably be awake during the surgery, but you won't feel a thing. I had a tooth extracted with ultra-sound and immediately after a bone implant in my maxilar and I was awake, I only had a local anaesthetic. Also, my mom had a gum surgery and they only gaved her a local anaesthetic.

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I have to wonder why you would _want_ to be awake when they start cutting your mouth open. Google some stories of the people who have woken up in the middle of surgery and you might rethink this course of action.

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Indeed so. It's called anesthesia awareness, and surprise, there's a Wiki page about it:

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Ok well then maybe I meant... it would be fun to try to resist it =S Aren't there like people who have been put under anethetic before and they were paralysed by it, but they could feel everything? =S

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Haha thats so cool! =D Theres a chance that I might need one of my teeth surgically removed... and I'm hoping that I will so that I can get the anethetic =] Haha and if I do I'm going to try and stay awake... it can't be that hard... right? lol


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OH my God... the probability that they will not give you enough anesthetic, which makes you paralysed, unable to move, but you can feel everything occurs in 20,000-40,000 patients out of every 20 million... Thats kinda scary...

And it will be general anethetic because its not just taking out a tooth, there are two teeth, which have not come down and are trapped right at the top of my gums, they have to cut open my gum, take the teeth out and put them back in, in the right position... I've already had teeth out before with just an injection...

Geez... I'm making it sound like my teeth are awful.. lol, they're not really =]

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you feel liek you just woke up from a nightmare usually they have you tied down and you jump up . Its preety fun[:

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I've had general anesthesia only once, and it was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced. It isn't like sleep. Even when you're asleep, you have some sense of the passage of time. With anesthesia, it was like blinking and finding myself two hours in the future. It was the closest thing to time travel I'll ever get to. So awesome.

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Haha cool =] Yeah... I just read on the internet... and you usually don't wake up because of big health problems or problems with the surgery.

Thanks =]

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