Cigarettes and marijuana

How do each effect one's ability to do every-day chores?
I've smoked more pot than I have cigarettes, luckily, but when someone poses the question "who would you rather have behind the wheel, someone who just smoked a cig or someone who just smoked a joint?" -- it was a rhetorical question posed, because the answer was thought to be obvious. But last time I smoked a cigarette I was lightheaded and dizzy for a solid 10-15 minutes. If you told me to go drive during that time I would have told you to go *** off! now, given a good joint, I'd say sure, let me toss on some Floyd and I'll drive wherever needed. doesnt debilitate me the way tobacco does.

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I've smoked fairly heavily for the last year, and now, the first cigarette of the day will make me feel a bit light headed and nice, after that though, a smoke wont affect me in any noticeable way.

I smoke weed once every couple of months and that really affects your decision making, I haven't driven while stoned, however, I would think that if I did, I would find myself zoning out and not realizing what I was doing. very dangerous.

I smoke daily, and can do every day chores, weed however I reserve for when I dont have anything to do and can just chill out.

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