How does that fushigi ball work?

Because i heard it was a peice of ish. lol

Answer #1

ur supposed to make it LOOK like its floating but its just an illosion

Answer #2

Have you ever seen a Mighty Bean toy? It looks like its this cool thing that just rolls around like crazy, but its just a plastic shell that has a weighted ball, and the precision of the shape causes it to roll with the ball. Same concept with the Fushigi ball. There is to an extent some talent that goes along with it, because you have to have quick reaction and decent balance.

Answer #3

For an excellent demonstration see -

Fushigi Ball Explained 02m : 45s YouTube A / V :

Answer #4

it does not work it is sooooooooo fake my freind gave it to me as a present and its fate dont waste your money

Answer #5

i got it for my friend but she got so bored with it she “lost it” at the park! lol

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