What funny thing can i do for my friend's birthday?

I want to do something interesting not just a party because I already got that figured out but I want to make my friend something or do a fun activity, like pop out of a box or something funny. Help me that is all I got going so far for something to do and her birthday is tomorrow and I have no money. I just want to make her something. help me please!

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classic gesture is to downplay to the point of annoying, and in the end surprise your dear one with a big group surprise.

do you have time to organize a potluck party?

good food and getting together will show your dear one who much she is loved. isnt that the whole point? you dont need a big fat fancy gift. show it with a gesture.

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The popping out of a box things sounds awesome! At least in my opinion.

How to have a good birthday if my family and friends aren't here?

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