Fun online games?

Does anyone know any fun games that I can play online? My boyfriend plays all these online games with his friends and I don’t know how to play any of them. Help!?!


Answer #1

I play runescape, lol. It’s pretty fun.

Answer #2

try world of war craft or diablo 2 soon 3 if you like those kind of games

Answer #3

I woudl play Team Fortress 2. but that is neather an mmorpg or free…

Answer #4

I meant mmorpg’s genius.

Answer #5

funny games google it and then first page

Answer #6

Runescape ftw I played it for 3 years. Never got bored till I got 7th99 lol, was kinda old for it aswell, 18 kinda old to play any game in my opinion..>=/ Online/computer/xbox..ect my opinion of course.

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