What are some fun things to do on the computer?

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Go on the a social network, play games, come on funadvice take pictures, edit pictures, research interesting stuff, listen to music...

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Im read interesting stuff,make a social networking account such as a twitter,facebook,myspace,tumblr.playing cool games is also good when your bored.

Does anyone have a fun site to go on?

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Chat with friends, play games, watch music videos, watch television shows and/or movies, do some reading (online stories, articles, poetry), do some digital artwork on various sites, hang around here and answer questions, write emails to penpals, shop, take care of virtual pets, make music, edit photos on various sites, make e-cards, etc.

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well ive just activated my eyefinity and im off to play some left 4 dead 2 on our server

hotmail and gmail are the same thing or hotmail is another thing.

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FunAdvice :]

Fav. Thing to do
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http://funadvice.com/r/14qeerhdt20, http://funadvice.com/r/bg8gkjebitq

When you scan some thing does it save on the computer?

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listen to music, chat rooms,play the sims, (watch por n, if your into that) research things that you are interested in, post pictures, paint, photoshop

Fun things to look up on the Internet!!!
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and u could do some online shopping

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u can also paint if u like painting ^^

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social networking,youtube,adult filmography

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a lot of you are missing the point...

he asked what to do on a pc, not what to do on the internet.

What are some fun things that you can do with PhotoShop besides photoshop people in?

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