why do i always seem to be full of static electric charge when i touch things?

Answer #1

it can be a number of reasons:

  1. do you have wall to wall carpeting in your home? It can be caused by that!
  2. It can simply be because you have a lot of energy and when you touch something combined with that energy it could set off a charge to zap you!
  3. can simply be some issue with the electric box (might have some water trapped in the wall or something) & should be looked at by a professional electrician!

hope this helps.

Answer #2

it happens all the time,esp when im getting off the car..the first person i get in contact with is always stunned lol :) .thanks anyway

Answer #3

1.) It is much more frequent when the air is dry. Humid air allows the charge to bleed off into the air. Dry air allows the charge to build to the point where you REALLY notice it. So where I live, winter not only has drier air, but most methods of heating by there very nature, worsening the problem.

2.) The vast majority of the static charge is caused by either the friction between your footwear and the floor (e.g. nylon stockings on wall-to-wall carpets), or the seat of your pants sliding on a chair or bench (e.g. when you slide out of your car seat at a gas station).

A humidifier can help with #1, and a change in footwear or clothing might help in #2.

Incidentally, with #2 second part, this is why you should NOT get back in your car when in the middle of filling your gas tank. You can build up a static charge that can set off a gas fume explosion. OR if you do get back in the car make sure that you touch the car’s door frame before you touch the gas hose!!

Answer #4

I always touch the door frame with my elbow to discharge that initial spark. Since I am usually wearing a long sleeve shirt that allows the spark without the ‘shocking’ surprise. Good Luck!!

Answer #5

no prob! used to happen to me a lot too, in my old apt, so I know that feeling.

Answer #6

thanks man,thought i was the only 1 in this

Answer #7

due to the fact that static can harm computer parts, and i mean break the bloody things irreparable… i always go inside a chassis with either a copper bracelet [the type that helps with arthritis] or a special de-static-yourself pcing tool that wraps round your wrist and you attatch the other end to a piece of metal on teh pc chassis.

ok i have no idea why it happens to you but try the copper bracelet and see if it helps.

very cheap and can be picked up from most chemists.

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