Is there such things as unlucky numbers?

The number 3 always seems to be bad for me. My relationships with boys always last either 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months, my grandad died on the 13th (the number 3 is in 13) and I always seems to fancie 3 boys when I have a boyfriend. My last boyfriend Robert, we lasted 3 months and 3 days then broke up, we got back together 3 months and 13 days later, and we broke up 3 weeks ago after 3 months and 3 days of going out. I really have no clue why the number 3 always pops up, but is there such thing as an unclucky number? x

Answer #1

its not the fact theres ACTUALLY an “unlucky” number, thats like saying if I point my finger up in the sky ill get bad luck for all of eternity. theres just some things that come down as tradition for years and years. and because of that we begin to believe in “badluck symbols” but if you believe in good luck, you also believe in badluck. and seeing how you didnt ask about goodluck, im assuming you believe in it.

Answer #2

3 isn’t necessarily an unlucky number. 3 means divinity or infinite. Thats why in the bible they say holy holy holy ( holy 3 times infinite holiness). Same with 666 (6=incomplete 666= infinite incomplete)… So I don’t think it is 3 that is unlucky

However, 13 seems to be the universal unlucky number.

And if you want some laughs look up Mitch Hedberg and the number 13

Answer #3

Well there can be a “unlucky” number but it can just be in your head too. They say that Friday the 13 is a unlucky day and I believe it because I was driving to Kansas City that day and my car broke down. On the way into a town there was about 10 cars that broke down within a few miles. So yes I do think that the number 3 is your unlucky number if all of what you said is true.

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