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Ummm I have like a bunch of cavities in my mouth.. I was wondering if I had to be awake since there is so much or they could put me to sleep if I asked.. and how do they fill in your front teeth? I mean they are soo flat? And how much pain will I be in?

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happy gas is awesome - you won't even notice the needles or anything else - don't do ittwithout happy gas! Not every dentist does it tho so ring round before you make your appointment. not expensive either.

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My 5 year old son just had 5 cavities filled. They did them at different times so it would not bother him as much. They also put some kind of numbing stuff on his gums first so he wouldn't feel the needle going in. You'll be fine, you can ask for nitrous or ask them to do them at different times. Either way you really won't feel anything, just a little pressure.

Good luck

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novacaine has been out of use since the 80s. now its lidocaine, mepivicaine, benzocaine and whatever. anyways, they do a composite filling on the front teeth which will match the color of your other teeth so you cant tell the diff. OR they could put a crown on, which in that case they grind your tooth down to a peg and then put a fake tooth over it. you'll be fine, just ask for nitrous. shouldnt be painful. its just like getting any other cavity filled. its not fun but it never hurts after.

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theyll giv you novacane ...sry they wont put you 2 sleep for it..just try to me I noe wut its like I just got three cavities filles and I have three more next week!...yes I do brush everyday!...

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if you have laughing gas you will not fell a thing

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