What do you do when your friend leaves your life?

What do you do when your friend leaves your life?

Answer #1

You did not elaborate as to did they move away, or did you have a falling out? Regardless it is not an easy situation to deal with. Time will heal, but you need to use this time for introspection and pursue some hobbies and do things you like to do. Go to the mountains or the beach and think off the positive times you have had with this friend. Do not ignore your feelings at the beginning. Grieve for a while This may seem worthless for a while, but it will help pass the time, and in time you can let go. You do not want to sit and brood forever, this will only elongate your suffering and spin you into a whirlpool that cannot be reached by other people involved in your life. Everyone experiences lifes ups and downs, but you must get past this to climb the next mountain of your life!

Answer #2

Well did your friend move away or did she dump u? Well if she moved away you can always call her and email her. And if where she moved isn’t far then you guys can still visit once in a while. If she dumped u…then she wasn’t a real friend after all. Try 2 find a new friend that is a TRUE friend ok? GOOD LUCK & trust me you’ll find a new friend!!!

Answer #3

simple… Find a new one and this time find sombody who doesnt leaves you… Best of Luck !!!

Answer #4

Make new friends. It can be hard at first, but its not as bad as you might think it would be. Good luck. :)

Answer #5

it depends, if its just a regular friend then move on you will make more, if its a best friend dont just let them leave talk things out nd if he or she is super *itchy about the reason then obviously there not your bff(:

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