What should my friend and I do if we want to sneak out at midnight?

Answer #1

Good luck with that.

Answer #2

you just sneak out ? personaly if i were to id go out the basement

Answer #3

Well obviously your parents need to be asleep, if you have dogs chances are they’ll bark so you’ll have to figure that out, if your parents lock the doors before they go to sleep go behind them unlocking them, pick the quietest door you can open and close to sneak out of and make sure you plan your route ahead. Or you can use your bedroom window which is super simple you just have to work on being quiet. And remember, always assume the worse and that you’ll have to take the consequences if you get caught. Okay, I think thats it!! Have fun(:

Answer #4

Don’t get caught! lol Stay off of main roads. If your meeting up with someone make it somewhere, where a lot of people won’t be. Don’t stay out for hours because then you have more of a chance of getting caught. The best way to sneak out is out a front or back door.. Perferbally the one farthest away from your parents, but keep a window open just in case the door gets locked. Lets just say I sneak out A LOT.

Answer #5

Lol I read the comment about the back door and the front door I just wanted to say make sure u have the keys of the door cuz wen I try to sneack out I go out to the front door to look for some cryptography but I for gut the keys so I have to call my mom to open the door plus u want to try to leave a dummy u know a ball with fake hair (the head) a teddy bear or something (the body) That works in movies

Answer #6

First you need to know that after 8 pm there is more and more risk foe ANYBODY of being injured, date raped, being arrested, get pregnant, ilegal drug and alcohol, besides, there is so much time to have fun during the day that I dont see why somebody with a minimal sign of intellingence want to risk their well being just to be….. “cool? .. Believe me, ask the question, how do I keep myself safe? you should.

Answer #7

Once you sneak out, I think you should just sneak right back in and go to bed. There is nothing to do for young people that late at night.

Answer #8

First.. I seen an older post about you saying your mom slaps you and you absolutely nothing, You’re a good kid. Doesn’t really sound like you are too me, Pretty sure that you just turned 15, You can’t even drive unless your friend can, what’re you going to do, walk places take the chances or being raped, hurt, etc.. If you don’t even know what you are going to do why are you sneaking out? Because you think it’s cool? Have fun with that.

Answer #9

Tie some bedsheets together to form a rope and leave inconspicuously through your bedroom windows.

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