My Friend Wants Sympathy

I have a friend that was raped by her father at a young age. I feel bad for her, but she brings it up a lot as if she wants everyones sympathy and for us to treat her differently.

Answer #1

Maybe she just needs someone to talk to about it? Rape is a very, VERY tough thing to deal with. It’s something people have to live with their entire life, whether or not they like it.

I suggest you maybe take some time aside to listen. Not hear, actually listen. You’ll never know how difficult it is until you’ve walked a mile in her shoes. She’s hurting, not attention seeking.

Answer #2

I understand, Like I lost my brother a few months ago.. And my friends don’t understand how much pain I feel daily. And one friend said I needed to stop talking about it and get over it, and I stopped talking to her. Because people just don’t undestand.. they have no idea.

Answer #3

It sounds like shes begging for attention.

Answer #4

then she really has issues, but sometimes they think its their fault it happened and if she gets sympathy it makes her feel like it wasnt her fault. It depends in how she feels.

Answer #5

are you sure she isnt lieing that just wants attention?

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