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How to help a bulimic friend?

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all right well I was invited to a big party that my best friend threw.Well after the party me and her had a sleepover just to catch up on things.She prepaired whip cream and all this sweets and stuff.Then while we were having some whipcream she was like"dame.My diet is now ruiend"And then she rushed to her bathroom and like slammed the door in my face and I can here her throwing up and then she did and when she flushed the toilet she said you can comin.So I did and she was whiping her mouth and washing her face and then she brushed her teeth.WEll her parents werent home so thats proboly did it.Well then when she told me too pick out a scary movei like nothing happend so I did and she played it and then she told me I can have the remote so I paused it she was like why did you do that.Well I fired back at her why did you just gag.WEll amazingly she kept her cool and said "it was just that time and I wont do it again"please keep your cool and dont tell"well I was more mad know but managed to keep quit because some reason I trusted her because we been friends since I was four and now I regret ever trusting her and I met up with in school and she looked weak and had sags under her eyes and all and she was already skinny before this so just after two weeks she looks like a walking skelliton. I really want some advice to make her stop because her parents are always away and barely even notice her.please help because I would hate to loose my best friend anad write now im crying and now im getting mad because im about to go out and I ruining my make up and my friends ruining her chance to live!! I feel so freaken bad!!!Help me too help her!!!A.S.A.P!