Why do I miss the past when I'm with my friends?

Ok so ever since ive moved to my new high school its been great, ive had the same group of friends and every fight we’ve had we have worked it out but lately ive been really weird i mean its nothing my friends are doing its just me. So the problem is i can still have fun with my friends but some times its just not the same and i feel like the good old days are gone… like im really close to two of my friends but then one of them moved closer to the other one so they always go over each others house and walk home together and i ind of feel left out but we try to do stuff on the weekends but whenever we plan something one of our friends bugs out on us then wen he makes plans where always busy. It just seems like they do everything together and they just forget about me!

Answer #1

i feel the same way now about my friends…it does happen 2 everyone. The best way i would put it is make new friends. i understand u miss the old times with eachother, but if they’re starting 2 forget about u then i would move on.

Answer #2


I think that happens to everyone. It’s just something that happens as we grow older. We grow apart from people and places, and sometimes we miss it. It’s the sad truth.

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