Does anyone know how to cook tofu?

Does anyone know how to cook tofu…and if it tastes good it would be even better

Answer #1


My Dad has a great recipe for grilled curry tofu. It’s delicious. The important thing to remember about tofu is that it sucks in any flavor it’s marinated in, otherwise it is pretty tasteless and gross. Try this recipe out.

Curry marinade: 2 cups white wine 1 cup yellow curry paste 2 cups olive oil

1 organic firm tofu, cut into strips

Mix white wine and curry paste, while mixing slowly add oil to emulsify. Marinate tofu in curry marinade, let sit 1 hour to overnight.

Grill until tofu is cooked (crispy on the edges).

Answer #2

Hello there! You cook tofu, any other meat. Like already stated it takes on the flavor of anything you cook it with. Because its not meat, be sure not to over cook the tofu.

Answer #3

Dear sary_starfish, The thing to remember with Tofu is that it takes on the taste of what it is cooked with since it has very little taste itself and is absorbant. It can be made to taste like anything you want from beef to cream. Sue…good luck

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