How can i get fresh strawberries into the middle of a cake?

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You bake two layers separate then add the strawberries on top of one and put the rest of the other baked cake on top of it.

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I need them baked in sweetie, so it would give u like a strawberry surprise in the middle, u know wat I mean?

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If you want them baked in, then they're not going to be fresh. They have, like...garlic injectors for meat, you could try that? But you're going to have canals of empty space, as a result of poking holes in it, unless you want to fill those with frosting.
By the way, "sweetie" sounded incredibly condescending there.

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Sorry sayin "sweetie" is habit for me

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You could try pouring hald of the cake batter into the pan, then add the strawberries and then pour the rest of the batter on top.

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They're likely to sink to the bottom because they are heavier than the batter.....this will work if you are using a very thick batter.

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So shud I add a little more flour to make it thicker?

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I'm a tad confused now. Did you want fresh strawberries or strawberries baked in? Are you okay with them being chopped, or quartered, or do you want them whole, and how big are they? You seem to be getting your answer up there ^ but you said fresh, which is why I didn't have a solution for you.

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No - you'll end up with a dense cake. This is a really tricky pretty much need to bake the cake half way, then push the fruit in the batter, then finish baking it.

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Ok cool thx so much I appreciate it :-)

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I want them baked in, and I'm useing fresh starberries, in half starwberries wud b fine. I said fresh because I don't like useing frozen food. So any suggestions?

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Oooops meant strawberries not starberries

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