fractured orbital?

How do you fracture your orbital? and what happens if you do?

Answer #1

Orbital fracture: A break in one of the bones that make up the orbit. Since the orbit is the seat of the globe (the eye), an orbital fracture can be a serious, sight-threatening break. (Goggles are recommended for racquetball and handball players because of significant risk of orbital fracture from the impact of a speeding ball.)

The orbit is complexly constituted. It is made up of parts of six bones: the frontal, ethmoidal, lacrimal, and sphenoid bones and the maxilla and zygoma. A break in the orbit portion of one or more of these six bones is an orbital fracture.

…that is what a fractured orbital is…so what b1ff said

Answer #2

Do you mean the eye orbit? It can be fractured by high impacts like getting smacked in the face with something hard. It’s common(ish) to chip part of the bone either above or below the actual eye. It could be fairly serious because there’s loads of nerves which enter the skull through the orbit, so by damaging some of the bones you may crush them and lose motor of sensory innervation of some parts of your face. It’s not that likely that you’d damage the bones in the actual orbit (as in where the eye sits) because it’s protected by its shape and the eye.

Answer #3

I don’t think there is a bone such called an orbital in the human body.

Answer #4

WTH is an orbital???

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