How to get the last bit of foundation out?

Does anyone know how to get the very last bit of your foundation out of the bottle. I have some MAC foundation and there is still some in the bottle..but its caught up around the edges and down at the bottom..any tips on how to get it out?

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if its the last bit I just cut it in half an scrape my finger in it lol an its mad how much you get !! lol

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Add a few drops of water (just a few, too many and it won't go on your face right) and shake the bottle.

Then sit the bottle upside down and it'll be good to go when you put it on in the morning.

You can also try using a Q-Tip or cotton ball to get the rest of the foundation out.

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um im gheto so I use Q Tips to get it out lol

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If its a tube: Cut it.
Bottle: Take of the top and stick ya finger down.
If you can't get your finger in: Stuff it with cotton puffs, push and then pull them out. They should be covered with the stuff!
Hope it helps!
The ones above work well too.

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use a cue tip that should work

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