How can I get curls in my hair that last?

I have wavy/straightish hair but wud like 2 get a curl in it>weneva I use curling irons it goes straight l8r on!!how do I get curls that last??

Answer #1

Well I have naturally curly hair soo this isnt a problem but if this helps any heres my idea. I say you should take a shower and wash your hair with a curling shampoo and then brush your hair then use your hands to mess it up a bit and put mousse in in your hair then flip your hair over and put more mousse in your hair. then put your hair in a messy bun, then the next day put more mousse. OR you can do that except use a DEFUSER to curl your hair with the mousse in it :) it works good :D

Answer #2

Ok here are few ideas. -Get your hair professionally permed although this can be very expensive -Use hair spray on the curls after you’ve used the curling tongs -Get some mousse and apply this on damp hair then scrunch the hair up to get ringlets -Put the curling tongs on a higher heat setting Hope this helped x

Answer #3

i have that type of hair too and i’ve had the same problem what i do is i get a 1/2 inch section of hair and spray it with eather spray gel or hairspray then i curl it in a spiral motion and then count to 10 and release slowly and you repeat then when your down you just seperate the chunky areas and set it how you want then spray with hair spray to set it works every time .. hope this helps ..miss v

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