How did english law influence the development of american law

How did english law influence the development of american law?

Answer #1

You know most great leaders of the day and now are trying to ffigure out what england had to do with american law, but its been told over and over again aaabout who sdiscovered america and who did this and how powwwowo did this and vikings and so many other historians did william wallace if he would had conquer england we would probably be with scottland law, but now most of that is freedom to the scottish people and going much futher back the alw was not made in england it was made many places and brought to america, so you can livee where ever to feel the law is best for you and you have freeedom of speech. I hope that this is helpful to you, because the law was not made in england it was revised from england and many other places it came from

Answer #2

I agree.

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