What makes you want to follow a certain FA member & why?

Answer #1

I tend to follow people that i seem to have a connection with, have things in commen with, have a good sense of humor, and can hold their own and speak well and maturly.

Answer #2

Well, I’ve put some thought into this and I have to say it’s based primarily on how they answer questions :) Other then that, I’d have to say it’s how they describe themselves, what they look like, how they are with other users, that kind of stuff you know :)

Answer #3

I have to say I agree with you both…for me, if I find the person interesting, share same views & most of all if they are as insane as I am, then I am prob already talking to them. The saying “It takes one to know one!” is so perfect in this particular situation. :P

Although I would never add someone I didnt hv any convo with. I have to sadly say that I dont know half of the people on my list, I just keep getting followed, so perhaps I may be doing something right! :P

Answer #4

I usually follow people who are helpful, kind, and understanding.

Answer #5

awe, that is so sweet…:)

Answer #6

@ Mandyloo & Miguel :)

Answer #7

I have to get along with them, think they’re funny(in most cases), and just be around them on the site a lot. I dont know, some people just catch your attention and from then on you guys answer eachother’s questions comment on status updates and joke around. I probably joke around too much, but that’s how I am. :D

Answer #8

I can really understand what they are saying. They put comments on people’s questions that I understand what they are saying. I really connect with them in some way that can’t be ignored. =)

Answer #9

what they look like?? I feel so judged!

Answer #10

that is awesome…its how you should be…if you are in the mood to joke around then more power to ya!

Answer #11

understood…i get that way too sometimes…just something someone will say & i will just laugh so hard & funmail them on how what they said was so awesome…thank them for allowing me to have a good laugh! :P Pretty cool.

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